Comic Artist Evolution

A year-by-year retrospective of some of the greatest comic book artists to put pencil to paper. (plus some random comic goodness).

Bill Sienkiewicz 1986: Marvel Graphic Novel #24 (Daredevil: Love and War)

Elektra had such a strong gravitational pull, sometimes Daredevil: Love and War gets overshadowed alongside it. But it is no less an artistic masterpiece. Sienkiewicz talked to Kuljit Mithra of about the book.

Frank and I had wanted to work together for a while before that came about. I think it may have been Ralph Macchio, the editor of DD at the time, who suggested it. I know Frank also came to me about working on a few issues in continuity. We thought it would be a great avenue to explore pushing some of the boundaries of storytelling, in terms of design and shape, etc. I was really starting to get more and more extreme in terms of playing with shapes and sizes of characters - really leaving the level of realism I had gotten from Neal Adams, behind. Frank’s writing was thrilling. It had precisely the emotional and gut wrenching impact that spoke to me. 

[Work on Daredevil and Elektra was done] simultaneously. DD was going to be our “minor” magnum opus. Elektra was just something we were going to do in the meantime “to put food on the table”. It turned out to be quite a different scenario altogether. Funny how things work out, eh? As a matter of fact, Frank and I were just laughing about that just today - who knew?