Comic Artist Evolution

A year-by-year retrospective of some of the greatest comic book artists to put pencil to paper. Now featuring the incredible work of: BILL SIENKIEWICZ! 

Bill Sienkiewicz 2003: Sandman: Endless Nights

After a long absence, Neil Gaiman returned to the Sandman series in 2003 with the help of Dave McKean, Milo Manara, Frank Quitely, Miigeulanxo Prado, P. Craig Russell, Barron Storey, Glenn Fabry, and of course, Bill Sienkiewicz; who each drew a separate chapter devoted to one of the Endless.

Sienkiewicz takes on Delirium, in which an assortment of mentally unstable people gather to rescue her from within her own realm. Told from the perspectives of the demented rescuers, the narrative is superficially incoherent, but the reader can nonetheless get the gist of the story just as if the characters’ mad ramblings were like a half-learned language.

While Sienkiewicz doesn’t have an extensive background with these characters, it goes beyond saying that his art is perfectly suited for Delirium, oscillating between disquiet and beauty. He illustrates the unbalanced rescuers as black and white figures amongst a painted world, underlining how detached they are from the world.

Bill Sienkiewicz 2003: Transformers: Generation One #1
Nearly twenty years after his cover for the original Transformers #1, Sienkiewicz returns to give us this dynamic cover for the rebooted continuity.
Bill Sienkiewicz 2003: Action Comics #800
I am an unabashed sucker for this kind of thing.
Sienkiewicz was one of many superstarter artists to contribute to this touching anniversary issue of Action Comics which featured real-life letters of people sharing the impact the hero has made on their lives.
I am baffled at how Sienkiewicz can make his coarse, scratchboard-y line quality so nurturing and warm and lovely. Without the benefit of color, even. I don’t know how he does it, but I’m glad he does.

shutupadrianpresents said: You're making me feel the need to seek out Bill Sienkiewicz's work. Any suggestions where to start? Are there trades or OGNs you'd recommend?


elektra assassin

jimi hendrix

stray toasters

What he said.

Plus Daredevil: Love and War.

Bill Sienkiewicz 2003: excerpt from Thor #57Color: Dave Kemp
Sienkiewicz participated in this artist-jam issue in which Volstagg tells his children a Thor story.

Bill Sienkiewicz 2002: Detective Comics #773-775 covers

Bill Sienkiewicz 2002: DC 1st: Batgirl/JokerColor: Sherilyn Van Valkenburgh

Bill Sienkiewicz 2002: DC 1st: Batgirl/Joker
Color: Sherilyn Van Valkenburgh

One of the best aspects of this book is how Sienkiewicz’s art underlines the twisted madness of the Joker.

Bill Sienkiewicz 2002: DC 1st: Batgirl/JokerFlashback art by Terry Moore and Jimmy PalmiottiColor: Sherilyn Van Valkenburgh
One of the treats of this book was the contrast between the Sienkiewicz’s art and Moore’s and Palmiotti’s silver-age-inspired flashback art.

Bill Sienkiewicz 2002: DC 1st: Batgirl/Joker
Color: Sherilyn Van Valkenburgh

I loved Cassandra Cain’s addition to the Bat-Family. Sienkiewicz renders this fight sequence with dark, edgy and expressive power.

Bill Sienkiewicz 2002: Superboy #100 cover

Bill Sienkiewicz 2002: excerpt from Verotik World #1

The Verotik line comics were (are?) a line of comics by heavy metal / horror punk musician Glenn Danzig that combined violent and erotic themes. For a select audience, to be sure.

Bill Sienkiewicz 2002: Ultimate Spider-Man Super Special #1
Sienkiewicz was one of many artists to contribute to the artist jam issue that wrapped up a the Ultimate Marvel Team-Up series in which Peter Parker shares what it means to be a hero.

Bill Sienkiewicz 2002: Excerpts from Alias #7-8

Jessica Jones picked up a case involving Rick Jones and picked up his autobiography Sidekick, for a dollar (ouch).

While the bulk of the book is drawn by Michael Gaydos, Sienkiewicz’s striking excerpts are meant to be photographs from the book which faced narrative-text excerpts.

I’m sure we couldn’t see a chapter of Rick’s time with Rom due to licensing issues, but we can pretend one of these was in that book somewhere.

Bill Sienkiewicz 2002: excerpt from the Madman Picture Exhibition #1